In any restaurant business, no matter how small, it's very important to make sure that the kitchen staff all follow a strict hygiene protocol. Since they will be preparing food for the customers, you need to ensure cleanliness and good hygiene at all times.

Here are some important tips to help you maintain remarkable sanitation in the kitchen during food preparation:

Clothing and Shoes

When it comes to the uniforms, make sure that everybody wears a fresh, clean one each day, covered with an apron. Choose a light color too and be sure to provide lockers where the employees can change into their uniforms and not mix them with their regular clothes which have been exposed outside.

Face and Hair

You also need to be strict with how the kitchen employees wear their hair. Be sure that there are no visible strands touching the face or ears, and proper hats must be worn too at all times. The face should also be kept clean.

Remind your employees constantly to avoid touching their hair and face while preparing the food. There are plenty of contaminants that may be transferred to the food if this happens.

Hands and Feet

In addition, the staff members have to further sanitize by washing their hands every now and then and using hand sanitizers. As much as possible, it's best to employ the right kind of hygienic vinyl gloves whenever they are working in the kitchen. We offer such powder-free gloves of great strength and amazing quality, truly ideal for food service.

When it comes to the feet, it's important to ask the employees to always wear closed shoes which are exclusively used in the kitchen only.

Moreover, if there are cuts, wounds, and other injuries on the hands or feet, these ought to be covered well with water-resistant bandages.

Indeed you must take hygiene as a serious matter in your restaurant business. Not only is it part of the standards that are checked regularly to continuously operate, but your success highly depends on it too. After all, even if your food is delicious, your name might get ruined if some customers experience stomach pains and the like due to contamination of food and impurities in the surroundings.

Take charge of overall cleanliness and you'll surely reap the benefits business-wise.



Brent Barnes

Date 7/21/2015

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