Not all disposable gloves are created equal. Nor are all disposable gloves designed to be equal. Each type of disposable glove is made to serve a unique need which means that when the time comes for you to buy some disposable gloves, you have got to make sure you select the right disposable glove for you.

The gloves below are the three most common disposable gloves currently on the market.

Latex Gloves

Latex gloves have a long history of working in the medical and food service industries because they are comfortable and also offer a high level of protection. In the disposable glove world, they are especially resistant to being punctured, a much sought after trait in the medical field. They also fit very well.

However, not all is great about latex gloves. It turns out that many people are allergic to latex. This is such a problem that many medical professionals and food service workers have stopped using latex gloves.

Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl gloves have replaced latex gloves in many ways. Although they are neither as durable or comfortable as latex gloves are, vinyl gloves do indeed provide a tough temporary barrier against contamination. Oh, and people are not as allergic to vinyl as they are to latex. Another benefit to vinyl gloves is that they are inexpensive. The downside to vinyl gloves is that they do not fit nearly as well as latex gloves do.

Nitrile Gloves

A relatively newcomer to the market, nitrile gloves are already being used by many as a very effective replacement to latex gloves. They are very resistant to puncturing and also offer a high level of protection against biological and chemical contamination.

The only downside to nitrile gloves is that they are more costly than are many other disposable glove options.

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