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Bagtron Can Liners CL2433NA8 24 x 33 12-16 gallon Qty 1000,  Natural Bagtron Can Liners CL2433NA8 24 x 33 12-16 gallon Qty 1000, Natural
Bagtron Can Liners CL2424NA8 24 x 24 7-10 gallon Qty 1000, Natural
Husky Trash Bag HK33WC060B 33gallon, 33 x 37.5 60 count BLACK 0.8 mil
3-1/8 x 119ft 1ply Thermal Paper Rolls, 60Rolls Case
1000 2-Part Short Credit Card Imprinter Sales Slips, 10 of 100

The Uses and Advantages of Thermal Paper Rolls

Posted by Gorilla Paper on 7/29/2014 to Refreshments
Thermal paper is not just an ordinary paper but it has many various advantages associated with it. These papers are different from the ones we use in our daily lives such as in note pads and registers. Thermal paper rolls are now extensively being used in banking and other industries all over the world. Thermal paper is a special type of paper which is coated with chemicals on the outside and this chemical helps the paper to change color when it is exposed to heat. The surface of the thermal paper is saturated with a mixture of a dye and few chemicals. When the paper is exposed to heat the dye reacts with the acid and then the paper changes its color. There is also a protective coating on top of the thermal paper so that it does not fade due to UV rays, water and oil and does not cause much damage to it. This layer also protects the paper from getting messed by the printer heat.

Benefits of Using Thermal Paper and Printers in Offices

Posted by Ashwin on 7/21/2014 to Refreshments
Thermal paper rolls have attained mainstream relevance in the corporate industry today. They are highly economical and are often used to print company invoices and receipts. Here are some of the many advantages that come with using thermal paper rolls and printers.

Amazing Solar Light ( bleach + water bottle )

Posted by Danny SuChang Lim on 5/22/2014 to Refreshments
2 liter water bottle and little of bleach change to free electricity take a look this Video..
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 The Uses and Advantages of Thermal Paper Rolls
 Benefits of Using Thermal Paper and Printers in Offices

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