Thermal paper is not just an ordinary paper but it has many various advantages associated with it. These papers are different from the ones we use in our daily lives such as in note pads and registers. Thermal paper rolls are now extensively being used in banking and other industries all over the world. Thermal paper is a special type of paper which is coated with chemicals on the outside and this chemical helps the paper to change color when it is exposed to heat. The surface of the thermal paper is saturated with a mixture of a dye and few chemicals. When the paper is exposed to heat the dye reacts with the acid and then the paper changes its color. There is also a protective coating on top of the thermal paper so that it does not fade due to UV rays, water and oil and does not cause much damage to it. This layer also protects the paper from getting messed by the printer heat.

Before the extensive use of thermal paper started this type of paper was expensive and was used on a limited basis. They have started being popular in the matter of past few years only. Thermal papers are now regularly used by banks: the receipt and the ATM receipt papers are thermal papers and also the receipt that you usually get when you are shopping elsewhere.

There are few certain advantages of thermal paper and these are the reasons why they are extensively used. These papers have a good printing quality which means that the quality of the print is much better than on normal papers and these papers are easy to handle with all other applications used for printing as you can align on this papers easily. You will get a high definition print quality on this paper and the print is clearer and the words are easily readable.

Thermal papers are widely used in airline tickets, gas stations, hotels and retail stores and in many other industries. Thermal paper rolls are now widely available and are not expensive either, they are just about the same price as other papers but they are now regularly by many businesses for their daily needs. The other advantage of thermal paper rolls is that they never get stuck in the printer or get affected by the printer heads heat. If you are running an eco-friendly business then you should consider recycled thermal paper which is made from post-consumer waste. This paper is not as bright as the original thermal paper but it is low priced and of good quality.

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