If you’ve ever wondered what type of paper you are handed out at the retail counter of your favorite retail store, then chances are it could be thermal paper printed from a thermal printer roll with the help of a thermal printer. Thermal paper was expensive during the earlier days. It was expensive and its use was limited. Therefore, most of the receipt printing and other sundry printing in the POS and retail industry would be carried out on normal paper. The invention of thermal paper allowed its usage to be widespread in the POS and retail industry.
Nowadays, many retail stores, banks, hotels, ATMs, and other businesses use thermal paper rolls for their receipt printing needs. Thermal paper rolls are also used for printing other information reliably and well as quickly. Thermal paper rolls are also successful due to the wide availability of low priced thermal paper printers. As the technology has improved further, many businesses have adopted the use of thermal paper for their day to day needs.
Thermal paper rolls have a standard spindle at the center and the roll consists of several meters of thermal paper. Several sizes of thermal paper are now available on the market, and you can buy the right size depending upon the capacity of your thermal paper. However, the spindle that is used is of standard measurement, so a thermal printer can take in rolls provided by various manufacturers.
There’s no magic involved in how characters appear on thermal paper. The thermal paper roll is impregnated with a chemical or a dye that is reactive to heat. This paper is brought into contact with the heated printhead of a thermal printer and the heated areas darken to form legible letters in accordance with the sequence formed on the printhead. Sometimes, the thermal paper has a special coating to prevent characters from fading away. This helps the printer to have a longer life as it does not allow the paper residue to stick on the printhead as the paper passes through it for the printing process. 

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