In this modern age and time, it has become quicker, easier, and simpler to track employee time and thus save your company plenty of money. If you're not yet making use of these innovative developments in your office, then you're missing out big time not just on the ease and convenience for you and your HR and accounting departments but also on the amount of overall savings for the business. 

Take a good look at the two modern innovations below to help you track your employees' work hours and schedules, planned leaves, unexpected absences, tardiness records, and more.

Time Management Software

These days, more and more time management software are becoming available both online and offline, providing different businesses a wonderful opportunity to manage and keep track of employee time efficiently. 

Just imagine if all the workers in your office are able to take note of everyone else's work schedules through an online program. It will be easier to set meetings and avoid overlaps. You can instantly monitor as well what tasks people have planned. What's more, there are even programs for planned leaves so that all departments can ensure the sufficient number of staff present. 

Digital Time Clock System

If you still use those classic time cards to record your time in and time out at work, then you are way behind. That's a waste of paper and even more a waste of time for those in charge of tracking tardiness and absences.

At present, it's much better to utilize a good digital time clock system in the workplace so that there won't be any more need to manually count logged hours, check the attendance records, and prepare the payroll accordingly. 

Today's modern system enables employees to quickly tap digital buttons on a machine and instantly record time. Many of these machines are also lightweight and small-sized, thus being a space saver while also allowing you to place them on trucks and other mobile units. Furthermore, they often come with USB ports for easy data transfer to computers. You can link them to related valuable software such as Quickbooks and Paychex. 

With these great innovations, your company can go paperless and can manage employee time more wisely and proficiently. You'll also avoid human errors in scheduling and other manual time management practices as well as in the preparation of the payroll. In the long run, productivity is also likely to improve.


Brent Barnes

Date 7/21/2015

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